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Jun 6, 2010
ok i think i may have put the eggs in the incubator wrong but it was kind of hard to tell with these eggs
but they are in lockdown since tuesday----

i am such a dingaling

do you think they will be ok?
How did you put them in wrong? The fat end needs to be up and they should be turned at least 3 times daily(morning, noon, evening). What day of incubation are you on? Did you candle them before lockdown?

well i think i put then in wrong cause well not sure

but i did candle them and there is life in the ones i put in lock down on tuesday the 27th
so i know that it will be possible another day or so before pips

i just started to freak a bit

now these are eggs that had been refrig a few days before i brought them back to room temp
i am using them cause those would be offspring of my leghorn rooster that met his doom to a very very large hawk at the beginning of this month

i am freaking cause if i did them wrong (cause they didnt look as though they had a large end or a small end)

but if they did have a large or a small end i would have known
oh I see what you mean, if both ends look the same I wouldnt worry much about it, if there is a drastic difference between the big and little end then it definitely would have made a difference
If you candled them and they were dark every where except the end (Air Sack) then they should be fine! Some eggs are really hard to tell the difference

well that is what i am seeing Thank God
so i know there is an air sack at one end

so i will be a pacing momma again
i dont think i was this nervous with that last group (march and april)

so maybe they will be my new year eve babies or new years day babies

fingers and toes are crossing in wait of my new arrivals

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