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    Jul 8, 2013
    Fresh eggs! I have 14 reds and 4 easter eggers and only 4 guineas now that the dog is under control and they have started laying. The chickens were born at the first of june and the guineas the second week of july and I believe each breed has given eggs. There has been maybe a dozen from the reds, one green egg yesterday and 2 pink lightly spotted eggs today. One red egg shell was incredibly soft and I had a double yolk, I'm surprised at that because I think the 50 lb bag of oyster shell has maybe 4 scoops out of it.

    I live in a good spot for these things, houses close enough to keep predators away and far enough a loose dog won't come around. They have no fences all day almost every day, come back to the coop every night and the rooster can't get far enough from people. So far there is nothing to raising chickens. Guineas not so much, I think the brave or overly wandering have turned to coyote food and the quarter of what I started with stay together and are never farther from the coop then at least a couple chickens. I don't have any questions, just wanted to say that if I had known how little involvement they need I would of had a few when I lived in the city
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    Isn't having chickens great? Poor guineas, we joke they have one brain between them that the share, which is why they chase each other around all the time.

    Have fun!

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