Eggsong-like noise, what is it??


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Feb 21, 2012
I've been noticing my pullets are making the egg song, but obviously still too young to be laying, what does this mean? They're 4 months old.
16 weeks old isn't too young to start laying, so I wouldn't completely slide that out of the equation.

Are they making a purring noise?
Does it sounds more like a "bock bock bock bawcawk! bock bock bock bawcawk!"
Or is it more of a big girl voice, (more deeper and raspier then a chick voice).
The sound most like the egg song is a contact call. Such pullets for me are no longer staying in the tight groups with broodmates. It may be the time they would normally leave to join other groups where they would settle down and breed.
It sounds more like a "bock bock bock bawcawk! bock bock bock bawcawk!"
Yes, please help u! The egg laying song? The egg squat? The change in the crop? What are the signs they're ready to lay. I also patienty wait.
They makes several calls, which are quite similar and don't have anything to do with egg laying, per se. If they get separated from the group, they'll stand and call. If they hear or see something, they give warning, and stand and call. If another pullet seems to do something they don't care for or seems to act out of the order, they'll stand and complain loudly. Geeeesh. It really doesn't take all that much for a some of them to sound off. Others, are virtually silent, confident and relaxed all the time. It just varies.
Thank you. Seems the more I learn the less I realize I know. Yep, chickens are just like real life.

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