Eggxited for eggs, hoping the girls are fun for kids, too


Jul 15, 2016
Hi all! I have never kept chickens, but I love eggs and the idea of raising girls who can help provide them. I have two critters of another kind already at home... a toddler and a 5-year-old, so I'm hoping raising chickens will be a good experience for them, too. Well, I'm not so sure I should say "raising"... I'm hoping to just get adult chickens and go for it.

Anyway, I have a corner of the backyard I'd like to transform into a space for the chickens, and I have a dog igloo I got for free that I thought might make a good coop. (Searching the internet for if others had used one is what brought me to your great site! Love the info!)

Anyway, any ideas on fencing (we need to replace the fencing in part of that corner anyway... have chain link for part of it), etc. are welcome!

Thanks! :)
Hi :welcome Diana

Glad you could join us here! Raising chickens sure is a great experience for all the family and it's great way of getting children used to caring for animals. Have you checked out the learning Center? Lots of super articles there that I'm sure you will find most helpful ~

Wishing you the very best of luck and enjoy BYC :frow

Check out the link given! Have fun with the chickens..I love love collecting my eggs to this day..never gets old!
Hi Diana and welcome to BYC. I think getting adult chickens is the best way to begin your chicken adventure, so that's a good decision. Please make yourself at home here with us.

Best wishes

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