Eh, why are her eggs still fertile? :o

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    My Polish hen, Patty, lost her mate December 5th from an illness. She didn't seem to show very much emotional distress, at least not as much I. He was not the only rooster to mate with her at the time, but certainly he was her main boy.

    It has been a few months since this happening. Our Silkie roo has grown farther from her, we know this as a fact, and I'm almost 100% sure he hasn't mated with her even before Patty's mate passed away. He took control of the flock, and because she's a Polish (wanders off frequently, not the top girl-dog) he often found more important hens to mate.

    My d'Uccle roo has almost never mated with my Polish chook. The relationship between them is so bad, I'd take the roo and hold him in front of her, and my Polish will get REALLY irritated. She'll get her hackles up and spar with him even if he maintains subbordination. (Head down, cry for mercy, etc...) We have proof however, that he mated with her at least once, because one of her offspring is also his offspring. I think one of the other roos went to mate with Patty, and my d'Uccle got there quicker, not realizing this was the hen who usually scuddles with him. (Can't imagine the beating he suffered from after that! [​IMG] )

    The last roo is the d'Uccle's son, Dash. He isn't interested in his mother at all (thank goodness!) and almost never goes near her. He dislikes her so much, when she's in he way he'll fiercely attack her and pull her crest feathers out. We've never seen them mate.

    I hear that it takes approx. 1 month or so for eggs to stay fertile, if the roo has only been there once. It's winter and I see our roos attacking the hens for their food, even though hens rule our flock in all other seasons. I haven't seen one roo even trying to mate with my girl since before her mate's death, and I'm outside alot of the day. I'm also certain these are her eggs. Is it possible that her mate has kept her eggs fertile even after his death, and for so long? What about the others, is it possible that they're still mating with her, even though they show zero interest? She usually wanders off and spends her time with me, Mommy. [​IMG]

    I don't wish to hatch the eggs, just like to know if they belong to my missed beloved roo. He was a great guy. It's always comforting to know when his eggs belong to him.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You may not see it, but someone is mating that girl. Eggs do not stay fertile more than two or three weeks. On extremely rare occasions, perhaps a few days longer than that, but those are very, very rare.
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    I'd say that your roos are little more amorous than you give them credit for.
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    Probably both true. They have a habbit of being rather sneaky, though from what I see, it's only about food. [​IMG] Ah, well, thanks everyone.

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