Elder scrolls Role Play (like a Fantasy)

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    Yeah shenanigans.
    If you havens picked this up yet, I'm not a very serious person.

    Imperial- Human
    Nord- Resistant to cold
    Redgaurds- good with heave armor and weapons
    Orc- same as Redgaurds but green and ugly
    Argonian- lizard people
    Kahjit- Cat people
    High elf- good with magic, best with alteration
    Wood elf- good with magic, best with restoration
    Dark elf- good with magic, best with alteration

    Mage- wizzard :D
    Warrior- warrior
    Padlin- both. Padlins are awesome.
    Ranger- Emporor's eyes and ears. One riot, one ranger.
    Knight- well... It's a night?
    Dragonborin- DOVIKIN DOVIKIN (runs off screaming Skyrim theme)

    Dark Brotherhood-
    (Still under ranks)
    Assassin- assassin?
    Silencer- Assasin for a speaker (see claims, can only be 5)
    Speaker- Tells who needs to be asassinated. (See claims, can only be 4)
    Listener- tells the speakers who the night mother needs asassinated (see claims, can only be 1)

    Speaker- Silencer- Lean
    Speaker- Silencer-
    Speaker- Silencer-
    Speaker- Silencer-
    Listener- Silencer-

    1- What I say goes. AND I SAY MY WORD IS THE LAW. (Jk)
    2- You can swear, just blank it out.
    3- no goddmodding (all powerful chars) unless your Akatosh, which your not. Deal with it.
    4- If you start arguing, take it to PMs.
    5- make fun of my spelling, and I will punch you.

    Magic(if any)-
    Pets- (horse, dog, Familiar)
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    Dragapacacorn Chillin' With My Peeps

    Name- Lean
    Age- 27
    Gender- Female
    Race- Dark elf
    Rank- Silencer
    Weapons- Fine madness sword, Fine madness bow
    Magic(if any)- Destruction, fire ice lightning.
    Pets- (horse, dog, Familiar)- SHADOWMERE FTW
    Personality- Has one heck of a mouth on her. Doesn't take crap from anyone, and has a angry mood most of the time.
    Bio- Is one of the Champions of Cyorodill, and helped take down Mehrunes Dagon. She tends to take all the credit....
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    Dragapacacorn Chillin' With My Peeps

    The gaurd calling out names from a scroll suddenly paused and looked up at Lean. "You. Who are you?" Lean began walking up to her. "Who am I? WHO AM I?! I'm the champion of Cyorodill! I saved all of you from Mehrunes Dagon! I could kill everyone here in an instant, and you're asking who I AM?" Lean yelled. The female guard just looked back down at her scroll, unamused. "Take her up to the block anyways." She replied. Two guards began hauling Lean up to the deck. Lean frought the guards and spun around to the lady, glaring. "I swear to Sheogorath, I will piss on your scroll.

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