Electric chicken fencing instead of tractor?

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    Jan 31, 2010
    I just recently learned that "electric chicken fencing or netting" is available. After reading the specs and description form reps I'm I have a few questions for those who use it:

    1) don't chickens just fly over the barrier if they are spooked by predators?

    2) do you clip the wings of birds when using the fence to keep them in?

    Thank you.
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    Electronet and a chicken tractor are two entirely different things with different goals/uses.

    Electronet is meant basically to keep dogs and other fourlegged predators out. It does not particularly keep chickens in if they want to leave, although if the area inside the electronet has enough grass and shelter and all that, they often decide to stay put. But you would not want to use it any time that you were not willing to have chickens maybe go 'over the wall'. Clipping wings will not reliably keep them in if they want to go out.

    Also electronet gives zero protection versus hawks, and obviously does not provide any shelter. And, is a PURELY electric barrier, meaning you wanna think about whether that's really the only thing you wanna have between your chickens and predators, given that all electric fences go dead *sometimes* for a variety of reasons.

    Tractors provide shelter and protection from hawks as well as from 4legged predators (if well-built, that is); and can provide a strong physical barrier, not just electric. OTOH they are smaller than an electronet paddock.

    Good luck, have fun,


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