Electric fence order--is this what I need??


5 Years
Aug 12, 2014
Wow. This stuff is pricey!!!!
Can I cut any corners or shave off any costs? Looking to pasture our chickens but not free range. Going to have this go all the way around the coop and will let the chickens out into it.
Here's what I'm about to pull the trigger on--fence, energizer, gate.

Am I spending too much? Do I need this energizer? The ones on the Premier website were all around $140-150 plus need ground, tester, and cable.

I don't use the netting ( I use woven wire with polywire at the top and bottom), but $200 for a charger and grounding setup seems really high to me.

How much are you planning on fencing in? That charger is pretty heavy duty. I've got about 4 acres fenced in with a .5 Joule charger and if packs enough punch that one of my dogs won't go behind the house because he got zapped once. That one is 3 joules.

Their info PDF says it'll power 5-11 rolls of weed laden poultry netting - you're buying one.. so unless you're planning on buying a whole lot more at some point, I think its a bit overkill.
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I'd skip the gate until you see how much you'd really use one. It seems cheaper to put 2 doors on the coop and pass through there to get inside. Worst case, you move the end piece of the fence to get in.

As far as chargers, take a look at this: http://www.harborfreight.com/solar-fencer-47454.html
Much cheaper and solar. My nephew, who fences cows in with these, says the plugged in ones tend to get fried in lightning storms, but not the solar ones.

Read up on them and you can figure out how to install this with a less expensive length of pipe for the grounding rod. For this small a fence, you don't need a super-duper setup, despite what the vendor would like to sell you.
Ok is there another plug-in option? Would solar work for me in a shady spot of upstate, NY?
I am only buying one fence now due to budget constraints, not space constraints but may add on two or three more sections if this whole chicken thing works out.

I have a Tractor Supply and Harbor Freight locally. Would they know at the store? I know absolutely nothing about fencing, power, etc. (obviously!). Hoping the coop won't have to be as predator proof if it's totally enclosed by electric fencing. It's an old pony shed retrofitted to be a chicken coop and though my husband insists this thing is predator proof, I just KNOW it's not.

Would be using the gate at least 2X daily. Don't want to power off, power on all the time, do I?

Thanks for the help!
Solar can work fine, but solar chargers are usually more expensive than plug in ones, as solar systems have to have a decent battery to store the electricity. Unless you are powering a lot of fence, a 1/2 joule charger will work with 500' of net fence. You can get one for $70, maybe less if you get it on sale. I have a Zareba charger from Tractor Supply, and it works really well. I would go for a switch to de-power the fence when you need to enter. It would not be too difficult to wire a light switch with a light (which is on when the switch is on) so you can easily turn it on and off, and see from a distance that it is on. For grounding rods, go to Lowes. They sell a 8' rod for less than $10. I just bought one a few weeks ago. They are in the conduit aisle.

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