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    I'm thinking about using electric poultry netting to win the battle against the squirrels, cats, dogs, foxes and other assorted nature in my life. I read an ad that said "poultry netting - 4 feet tall. Ideal for poultry and other assorted non-flying animals."
    Umm my chickens often fly up to sit on top of my coop which is about 6-7 feet off the ground. Should I bother with this netting stuf or will my chickens just jump on out whenever they feel like it.

    I was thinking of using it as a wide boarder around some land around my coop to keep them safer when Ilet them "free-range." But before I spend money on the netting and charger and stakes and all that I want to be sure it'd be worth it.
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    Quote:Your chickens will fly over it if they *want* to, it just depends when/whether they want to. It also won't protect them from hawks. If for some reason squirrels are a problem, there's a real good chance it will not deter them either (it's best on dog-type things)

    Be aware that it requires you to keep the strip of grass it's on ABSOLUTELY mowed short ALL the time period no exceptions. The lowest electrified strand is like 4" from the ground but will sag in places to more like 2", and if grass or weeds are touching it, it'll ground the fence out (meaning the fence will not hve sufficient zap to deter predators, plus which it will drain your battery to death, unless your charger is plugged into wall current).

    So you have to be religious about moving the fence, mowing, then replacing it. (It is quite easy to move and replace). Alternatively I guess you could try installing pavers all along where the fence will go, and just hand-pull whatever weeds try to grow up between 'em.

    I love electric fences in general, and have an 80' length of Premier's electronet that I have used only as garden fencing so far but am quite happy with it - all I'm saying is, you have to know the idiosyncrasies of the fence before you decide whether to use it [​IMG]

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