Electrolytes, getting it in them.


Jul 27, 2019
Mississippi Gulf Coast
They didn't want to drink the stuff. I was told to have other water available because they can turn a nose up. I use a 12" brick paver stone to set the chick red waterer on. It's not the only water in the coop. I just put the chicks out in the coop and its what they had in the brooder and I'm training them to use self filling cups.
The electrolyte water was not being touched. So i put chick crumble all round the waterer on the brick. I went to put more electrolyte in the waterer and got the chick crumble wet. They had to have some. Not only did they like the new mash they wanted the electrolyte water as well.
Try electrolyte water and make some mash. It got my girls drinking it.
Glad it worked out for you! My Chickens LOVE wet feed too. Funny how curious or afraid of things they are. Dry feed sprinkled around the cups- no way, but now that it is wet, they gotta check it out!
Try electrolyte water and make some mash.
Mine have no issue drinking EL water in the summer in an open waterer,
maybe because regular water is nipple fed.

But in winter(yes, EL helps with extreme cold stress too) I don't want to use an open waterer(due to wattle dippage), so I mix up a batch of EL and soak it up with rolled oats until all the liquid is absorbed.
Works a charm!

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