Elenore or Elliot? Please help!


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Mar 7, 2013
So here is who we ASSUMED was Elenore... We think she is a tetra or amberlink. She is getting more spotted feathers by the day, if that makes any difference at all! Her dominance, impressive comb and wattle (for a 10 weeker), and tail feathers have us highly suspect. She is NOT making rooster sounds, but I have seen her place her foot on the back of our huge Cornish Hen, and begin to pull at her comb. All signs point roo, am I correct?
At first glance, I thought a pullet. But then I saw those thick legs. I would say roo, pullets don't have that thick of legs. The tail is a bit rooish and the comb and waddles are rather big for a 10 week old. Though I do know some breeds are tricky and the girls can develop comb and waddles soon. Seeing those legs points at a roo.

Hello Elliot.
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We got this chicken as part of a mixed lot, and one is a Cornish. Her legs are nearly as thick as my 5 year olds! ;-). I am curious as to if there may be a little Cornish in this one? I can't quite figure out what the difference is in tail feathers (if any) at this age. Obviously it becomes clear as they get older, but I'm so unclear at this stage of development!

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