Elevation/elevation changes questions.

Dec 2, 2020
Good evening,

First time raising chickens. The chicks will be 6 weeks on Monday. I recall reading a fairly in depth article or post about how elevation impacts chickens. I cannot find it.

The chickens are currently living at 3,000 feet elevation. They will be moved around 10 weeks to their (most likely) permanent coop and will free range around 16 weeks. The coop sits at around 3700 feet.

The property has two mountain tops at around 4300 feet each Distance from the coop to one top is 1300 feet. Fairly steep. I plan to use the chickens on each top during each season by utilizing smaller coops. I am interested in controlling ticks, surprising amount of grasshoppers, improve soil and maybe use this time for breeding purposes.

I don’t know how far chickens usually forage. BCMs and Swedish Flower. Most of the info I could find focuses on hatch rates and extreme altitude. Nothing breed specific.

Will the varied altitudes throughout the year cause issues? Will egg production be impacted?
They should not have any issues.

Where I live is a bit more than 5280 (1 mile) above sea level. No issues in egg quantity here. I don't keep a rooster but people living at this elevation hatch chicks all the time.

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