Elves of the White Forest ~ An Elven RP ~ NOW OPEN!

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    Elves of the White Forest ~ An Elven RP

    Welcome to the White Forest. Many things live here, including elves........

    (Maps are not working at the moment.)

    Elf Lifestyle, Naming, and other stuff

    The Elves have lived in the White forest a very long time. Magick is used by all Elves. A young Elf must go to school until the age of 15. Once an Elf is 15, they are allowed to use Magick. Grown up Elves are very much like people in ways. They are busy with work or schooling their children. The jobs are different from human jobs, for some Elves are part of the Council, while other make sure no one is selling illegal fruits at market. Market day is every Friday. Children get Fridays Off for home study. Houses are built in small sections, and each Council member watches over and polices a section of houses.

    While lots of other Creatures live in the White Forest, sightings of other then your own kind are rare. There is ONE Unicorn in the White Forest. If the Unicorn leaves the forest, the forest will die. Trolls, Dryads, and Faeries all live in the forest, while Naiads and other creatures live near or in Crystal Pools.

    Names are beautiful in the way that they flow off the tongue like rain drops of window glass.
    Elven names are chosen from this link. http://www.angelfire.com/rpg2/vortexshadow/names.html (Ignore the dice roll, just pick what you'd like. One part from the top box, (Table 2) and one from the box below that (Table 3). If you are the first or only person in your family, please choose a last name from tables 4 and 5. )

    Time in the role is a hassle to figure out, even though I tried to make it simple. Time passes like in real life, (24 hours real life = one day RPT) but seasons change weekly. The 1st through the 7th of a month is Fall. the 8th through the 14th is Winter. 15th to the 21st is Spring. The 22nd to the 28th is Summer. The remaining days are Fall.


    If you do not work, then what do you do during the day? Here is a list of jobs to choose from. Choose wisly, though! Some jobs are much harder to quit than others.

    • Hunter
    • Farmer (The crop growing kind.)
    • Rancher (Raises animals for meat, wool, or milk.)
    • Horse breeder (Breeds horses for cart and plow.)
    • Council member (Only ten. Must be over the age of 35.)
    • Baker
    • Guard
    • Scout
    • Harvester
    • Planter

    Young elves may also be apprenticed to any one of the jobs beside councilman/woman.

    Form to join

    Please PM me your form! If I do not receive your form, I will tell you so that you may resend.

    Character Name:
    History (If available):
    Picture (Optional):
    BYC Username:


    Character Name: Shetria Tyrneaanea
    Age: 16
    Job: Scout
    Appearance: Tall with blond hair and blue eyes.
    History (If available): Only Shetria survived a horrible illness that took the lives of her family. She has shut herself away from the rest of the world, thinking that if she loved anyone again, they'd be taken from her just like her family. She is haunted by her family's death, and frequently disappears for days alone into the woods. She acts cold, but just can't bring herself to love another elf again.
    Picture (Optional): [​IMG]
    BYC Username: Dapplepony

    Character Name: Clathi Arabimitore
    Age: 8
    Job: N/A
    Appearance: Small with long blonde hair.
    History (If available): She comes from a well to do family of horse breeders, so she does not know what poverty is. She often follows Shetria to her cave in the forest and asks many questions about Shetria's life, which are not answered.
    Picture (Optional):[​IMG]
    BYC Username: Dapplepony

    Name: Talyn
    Age: 16
    Job: Blacksmith
    Appearance: His hair is fairly short, messy and black. His eyes are dark brown.
    History: He recently finished school. He was raised by his father and never spoke about the rest of his family. His father was a blacksmith, so when his father disappeared, Talyn took his place.
    Picture: [​IMG]
    Other: He spends most of his time in his father's forge. He secretly has a crush on Shetria.
    BYC Username: NixNoodleNumbat

    Name: Laef Tyradlues
    Age: 27
    Job: Guard
    Appearence: Short red hair, blue eyes. She always wears clothes that look a bit odd.
    History: She was raised by smugglers, but decided that she didn't want to live her life in fear.
    Picture: [​IMG]
    BYC Usename: NixNoodleNumbat

    Name: Ahktura Ous'eamitore
    Age: 33
    Job: Teacher
    Appearence: Long, straight mousey-brown hair and green eyes. She never wears shoes.
    History: She was raised on a nearby farm. Sometimes she still visits her parents at their farm, and brings back produce to sell.
    Picture: [​IMG]
    BYC Usename: NixNoodleNumbat

    Name: Gardef Myrthsitheke
    Age: 44
    Job: Council Member
    Appearence: Chin-length brown hair and brown eyes. He wears precious stones as a sign of his importance.
    History: He grew up in the village. His parents died of age. He found Ceira half-drowned in a creek when she was 7. He usually seems a bit grumpy, but he loves Ceira as though she is his daughter.
    Picture: [​IMG]
    BYC Usename: NixNoodleNumbat

    Name: Ceira Arabizea
    Job: Scout
    Age: 18
    Appearence: Wavy fair blonde hair and hazel eyes. She has really long boots that she wears all the time.
    History: She doesn't remember what happened before Gardef took her in.
    Other: She has been dating Talyn on-and-off since she came to the White Forest. She is currently not dating him, though she wishes she is.
    Picture: [​IMG]
    BYC Usename: NixNoodleNumbat

    Character Name: Raeronna Arabighymn
    Age: 18
    Job: Rancher
    Appearance: Her skin is of soft pale, and her black hair is long and wild. She is fairly thin, and stands at an average height.
    History (If availible): Raeronna is new to the White Forest. Before coming to her current village, she had resided in another in the land over. She is still adjusting to the White Forest's ways as she only lived in a small community of two families including her own; who did not farm but hunted & gathered, while raising goats for milk.
    Picture (Optional):

    BYC Username: Zinnia Hen

    Character Name: Kornyn Oussealylth
    Age: 24
    Job: Scout
    Appearance: Has a carefully tattooed face and long shimmering white hair. Kornyn is build quite well.
    History (If available): The son of Malevar Oussealylth and an unknown man. He was raised by his mother and has lived in the White Forest his whole life. Though dark like his mother, he has a humorous streak to him, and is quite the ladies man.
    Picture (Optional): [​IMG]

    BYC Username: Zinnia-Hen

    Character Name: Malevar Oussealylth
    Age: 49
    Job: Council Member
    Appearance: Malevar's skin is a smooth, dark grey-ish tone and silky, white hair reaches her lower back. She often dresses herself finely and takes quite a lot of time into her appearance. It is also to be noted she is very tall.
    History (If available): Only those close to her have the priviledge to know what had happened in her past. Due to her cold, sinister attitude and powerful ways, it couldn't have been good.
    Picture (Optional): [​IMG]

    BYC Username: Zinnia-Hen

    Character Name: Coran Dwin’ghymn
    Age: 17
    Job: Horse breeder
    Appearance: He is pretty tall, has dark brown hair and greenish-bluish eyes. He is very handsome.
    History (If available): He is an orphan that inherited his family's breeding farm.
    Other: He is very wealthy and currently dating Amafel.
    BYC Username: LittleLady98

    Character Name: Amafel Hlae-raheal
    Age: 17
    Job: Horse breeder
    Appearance: She has dirty blonde hair and eyes as blue as the Logan Sapphire.
    History (If available): Her parents matched her up with Coran for money sake, even though they have plenty. But Coran turned out to be the one for her.
    BYC Username: LittleLady98

    Council Members

    Malevar Oussealylth

    Gardef Myrthsitheke


    • Red Means stop all questions and role.
    • Yellow Means stop role and start asking questions.
    • Green Means start role and stop asking questions.
    • Purple Means please reveiw the rules. (i.e. someone was putting a toe out of line with the rules)
    • Do not leave any characters out! Others would like to be included in this role.
    • All BYC rules are in affect here. 1st time you go against rules, you earn a three day suspension. Second offense will lead to permanent ban and character(s) being deleted.
    • All major curse words (The F word, the A word, the B word etc.) are permanently banned. If one of those little things like [email protected] is typed, you will be forgiven the first time only, because these things happen. Shut up is allowed as long as used sparingly.
    • Basic Magick only right now. (Cooking spells, Levitation of objects, ect. ect. ect.)
    • Levitation spells are not to be used upon other elves.
    • Do not use the Lord's Name in vain. Do it and receive one day suspension.
    • You may suggest that something happened between two characters in the bedroom other than sleeping, but nothing other then that.
    • Keep it (at max) PG-13
    • And finally, HAVE FUN!


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