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    I am sending an email to my mom who is in work right now to tell her about chickens... even though I talk about them everyday. I need more things to put in it and i need to make sure my info is correct so I can make it the best email EVER!! Here it is so far:

    Hiii...I wanted to say hiii...and this... check out this chicken website. It is the site that is all about backyard chickens that I have been telling you about: Please check it out and give me feedback!! If I save money for the chickens and all of thier supplies (and that means starting from scratch with chores and everything, not using the money I alread have saved) and pay for all future supplies they need, can I raise chickens? I will be doing extra chores to raise the moneyyyy [​IMG] !! Remeber, 3 bantam(the mini kind) chickens take up the same amount of space as 1 normal size chicken, and the hens make barley any noise. They eat leftovers, like watermelon and citrus rinds, cooked pasta, oatmeal, yogurt, veggie tops like carrot tops, lettuce and any other veggies, fruits, fruit peels(like apple peels), and many many other foods. The list could take up the majority of this email. And instead of going into the landfills and poluting our planet, you are making a good use for them. You will also get free fresh eggs to eat, and it is a proven scientific fact that fresh eggs that you collect your self(and collecting them does NOT mean walking to your refrigerator) have less cholesteral and more vitamin E. A little tip: store eggs pointy side down, they wil last longer. They don't cost much to buy or to keep, and if you buy them when they are already at laying age, they won't be as long of a commitment then if you got them when they were chicks.
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    Good start! Plus, it will teach you more responsibility. Good luck! [​IMG]
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    The chicken coop
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    good luck [​IMG]
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    also mention that your average bantam hen doesnt weigh more than 18-20oz. show her some mille fleur d'uccles their are very cute.
    Or show her seramas they are even tinier.
    Also you can live knowing that the eggs you eat come from chickens that are treated well.
    Coops dont have to cost a lot. You can build one almost completley from pallets, or take a old doghouse.
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    Good luck!
    What use to work for me, was I would rush around and do all the chores --plus MORE, so when they got home it was all sparkly.....
    and so was I, with my big cheesy PLEEEEEZZEEE smile!

    Plus if you are old enough, attempt dinner...I would have a concoction in a pot of mac-n-cheese on and be stirring in a can of tuna and some peas and tell my Mom that I was making dinner for everyone that night ...AND that' s when I got my first ferret....

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