Embroidered Chicken Saddles

Louise's Country Closet

9 Years
Feb 5, 2010
Garrison, MN
These chicken saddles work the same as any of our other saddles, except we've embroidered these to give them some extra uniqueness. We can even embroider your hen's name right into her saddle if you wish! Our embroidered saddles come with snaps, but you can request them without snaps. There's also still two strong layers of material so that your hen's back is protected from the rooster to allow her feathers to regrow.

You can order here on BYC and I will give you my PayPal address or directly on our website. They are under "Poultry -> 'Embroidered' or 'Monogrammed' Chicken Saddles"

Small - 5 Long x 6 Wide
Medium Narrow - 6 Long x 7 Wide
Medium Wide - 6 Long x 8 Wide
Large Short - 7 Long x 7 Wide
Large - 8 Long x 7 Wide
XL - 9 Long x 7 Wide

Price: $6.50
Comes with free shipping and tracking number.

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