emegency avoided, but how to prevent?


Apr 13, 2018
Goliad, Texas
We have a BSL Cockerel that thinks he's a dog, I swear!
He follows us around and believes we're his flock.
Anyway he was wandering around in the kitchen with the rest of the dogs (actual dogs) while I was doing dishes.
I spilled some bleach (about a tsp), and he was on it quicker than quick! I caught him before he drank any, but he was intent on being the first to whatever I dropped.
Scared the jeebers out of me and I realized that, had he gotten to it, I would have absolutely no idea how to help him!
So if anyone out there has advice for such a horrible thing, please share!
I know the best thing is prevention, so he won't be allowed in kitchen when I'm clean again...
But my daughter is his side kick, and today she was busy and he was bored I guess.
I put him out side and he'll peck the back door glass and screech to come back inside.
(He was a single survive out of a late hatch. Our chooks have their established flocks and they all chase him away.)


Apr 13, 2018
Goliad, Texas
Glad you were able to catch him before he got into that.

As for what to do IF it happened (ingesting bleach/detergent, etc.) the best thing would be to call poison control or the phone number listed on the bottle of whatever you are using. This would be the quickest way to get information for that specific product.
That's what I was thinking and it would take so long for such a little roo:hit


Jun 20, 2016
I agree with @Wyorp Rock since you should call poison control. Since this happened and may happen in the future, I would call poison control just to see what they would have to say. In a life and death situation, calling them will delay the time it takes to treat him so it is best to call and see what they would have to say. Write it down so that way you know.


Free Ranging
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Jul 29, 2013
Cleveland OH
As a heads up, poison control may charge you for answering your questions. :T They did when I had to call them for my dog when she ate an entire bottle of joint supplements.

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