Emegency: Duck Tore back toenail off


Mar 26, 2017
got my ducks out of the tub and they went into the living room where the s/o was when I came to get them for their treats I noticed blood on my linoleum. Howard who is 12 weeks old is missing his entire rear nail, I did get the bleeding stopped and put some antibiotic on it. They sleep indoors at night but are in their pool during the day. is there anything else I need to do and will this nail grow back? it is completely gone. I have no idea how this happened, no blood in the tub, or in the bathroom. I have one other duck who is his buddy and they are gonna be unhappy if they don't get to go outside tomorrow. first ducks, first emergency


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Nov 30, 2014
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As long as the bleeding has stopped, he should be fine to go outside... just keep an eye out in case he bangs it and causes it to bleed again...

Accidents happen, try not to feel bad about it... *most times* the nail will grow back, just depends on if the root was damaged as well... and if not, as long as it heals up it shouldn't bother him anyways...

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