EMERGENCY!!! about pasty butt!!


7 Years
Mar 31, 2012
North Western Wisconsin
I just noiticed that some of my chicks have what looks like dried poop on their tush... is there more than one hole!? i thought there was only one but i removed the pasty butt and there seems to be a hole so would pasty but be the top one or bottom one.( ohh and one of my chicks has this weird thing coming out of it) im soooo worried !!!!
please help me!
I'm not very experienced but know you're so worried so I wanted to reply. When I last turned my chicks over to check their bums I saw only one hole.

How are things going?
well thats what i thought too but is the "vent" where everything comes out? (eggs, poo, ect.) and i think one of them might die because when i washed off the poo there was this weird hole underneath...
Yup only one hole! Be very gentle when you clean pasty butt, use warm water and don't pull, just wipe. After it's clean you can use a bit of Prep H to help with inflammation until the redness and swelling goes away. Also watch for other chicks pecking it, they can be ruthless!

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