EMERGENCY!! BATOR TEMP too low or high !!


7 Years
Mar 30, 2012
SE Missouri
Day 4 on my eggs. Have a Hovabator with fana nd egg turner.
Last couple days the bator temp has been fine about 99.1-99.8 However the humidity has been going down to 19 from 50 in 7 hours I added water and its back up Couldnt figure it wout and then found ihad had the holes open (fan is in one) then taped over one hole part way...Today realised it was the FAN hole YIKES!!Where is my brain?figured that was why it was flucuating so much .So took the tape off the fan hole and put it over ther open hole but for a crack .
However now temp went down to 96.8!! in 1/2 hour
I turned the bator temp up 3 times and it went to now 2 1/2 hours later ....98.4 BUt this has been in 2 1/2 hours, Still not near 99. Humidity is 48.
Howver to confuse it morehe glass thermometer on top of the eggs says 102 now .It is directly under the heater though.
Questions: what temp is it in there? Too hot or too cold?

The glass thermometer is over one egg so will that block that eggs from getting 102 and dying?And
Whats going on with the others? too hot or too cold? I dont know how to ajust it now. Should i trust the digital to be 98.4 now or ?
Last do you think i killed all my eggs with the supposedly low temp? or toohightemp So confusing,!
Dont want to lift the bator lid up to move the glass thermometer as it will cool the eggs down lower !..

I have found in my experience with incubating eggs that if my temps fluctuate just to leave it alone the more I tried to correct the problem the more problems I made. Once I have my incubator set up and running and the temp is where I want it i remove the thermometer and don't check the temp anymore. I candle my eggs on day 10 and day 18 and those are the only times I candle. This method is working well for me as I have had 100% hatch rates lately and my other hatch rates have been good also only 2-3 eggs not hatching. I also do not check my humdity with any gauge I just go by air cell size on day 10 and 18

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