Emergency: Bloated & panting


9 Years
May 11, 2010
I'm having a pigeon emergency. First off, she has a vet appointment in the morning on Friday as soon as I get payed. I hope she makes it that long.

I'm looking for advice or ideas of what I can do for her until then. The vet wouldn't give me any suggestions, just said to bring her in ASAP.

She is extremely bloated, practically feels like a little balloon and panting with mouth open off and on. She squeaked and struggled a lot when I picked her up to examine. This has developed since the day before yesterday, I was away for a day. Trying not to freak out too much but I'm afraid she will die. She is sitting on eggs with her mate that are due to hatch day after tomorrow. Gave the eggs to a foster pair, put wooden ones under her. None of my other 7 birds show any signs of illness.

What should i do? Should I isolate her? Isolate her & her mate? Take the wooden eggs away? Can I do something about the bloating?? Would be so thankful for any advice, she's clearly in pain, I'm really upset about this.

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