EMERGENCY broken shell and membrane bleeding (graphic pic)


Aug 28, 2019
I am on day 24 of hatching my eggs. I had a power outage so they are taking a little longer. Today I feel so bad. I candled the eggs just to get reassurance they were alive. All looked great except for one. It hadn't filled the egg and it had a cloudy substance that I thought was bacteria.. Dead egg or so I thought. I usually do an egg autopsy. I cracked the egg on my sidewalk; membrane and all. Then all sorts of blood. The baby is alive. One side of the egg is obliterated. Noticing my HUGE error; I took it in immediately and dumped arrowroot to stop the massive bleeding. I was then concerned about moisture issues so after the bleeding stopped I dropped a dob of coconut oil over the exposed part and added hot water to the incubator to bring humidity levels up. Then I tried to dome a moist paper towel over the top. She is still alive at least for now. I feel like a terrible person! The yolk is still intact. I know the prognosis isn't good but is there anything else I can do to help this baby? 😭 Also, there is no internal pipping yet on any of the other eggs.
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