Emergency Chick Hatch!!


6 Years
May 17, 2014
so crazy story, my hen tried to hatch 4 eggs. Successfully hatched 1. She left the nest for good 3 days later and so I put her other eggs aside. One of those eggs just hatched about 24 hours after I removed the eggs and I found the chick still wet and on its back. I'm currently holding the chick close to a heat lamp to warm it up. Legs and toes seem fine. Navel closed correctly. But chick is panting and gasping a little and seems too weak to stand or raise its head. It is peeping and squirming tho. I don't want to chill it, but I really want this little guy to make it. What should I do to give him the best chance? And what should he be acting like? View attachment 2168656

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