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Mar 24, 2020
It's so hard sometimes to lose one of your girls. Know you're not alone and we're her for you. And so sorry for your loss.


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Sep 22, 2020
My experience (which is not comprehensive) with rat poisons is that there would be haemorrhaging involved.

However, I did have a lavender rooster (who has since passed away) who used to wheeze and make snoring sounds - especially at night in the coop. He was nicknamed 'the gentle old man' even though he was still young. One day I saw him outside doing his typical rooster things - nothing was out of the ordinary - as I was in the backyard, and then about 3 hours later I looked out the window to see there was a fluffy grey mass unmoving underneath the mango tree.
I spoke to a neighbouring chicken breeder about it. He mentioned that he had a cow who would also wheeze and snore. I can't remember whether he said it passed naturally or whether it was butchered (I think it was the latter), but they found that it had an enlarged heart. This was very likely the issue with my gentle old man, and possibly your girl. If so, unless your other girls have an undetected heart issue, then I imagine you need not be worried about whether the illness is contagious.


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Jul 2, 2020
I have reason to believe one of my 3 year old hens is currently dying. Her comb is purple, she's gasping, she's resting her beak on the floor, etc. I'm considering possible injury? She was laying just before this, perfectly fine, and then she jumped down and stumbled out of the coop. She had bad balance and everything. She won't eat or drink, she's currently on my table swaddled in a blanket. She's sitting, but slumped more to the side. Please help. View attachment 2370316
The purple comb and the wheezing sounds like a circulation problem. Try to take her to a vet and if you can return her to her coop, make sure that it’s safe, well ventilated and has water when it’s hot or when the air is dry. Try to feet her some wet fruit and veggies if she eats anything. That will hydrate her a bit as well.

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