Emergency Help Need - just rescued


9 Years
May 6, 2010
Stuttgart, Arkansas
I just found 11 baby woodducks - can't be more than a few days old, walking down Main Street in my town. The momma has been hit by a car and is dead. I have all the babies in a large box with towels in the bottom. I went and bought game bird crumbles, and a quart size plastic poultry waterer. They don't seem to be interested in the food or water - they are just jumping and crying....I had pet ducks up until about a month ago - pekins, mallards, skovies - I know nothing about wood ducks....what do they sleep in? Mine used to sleep in a dog house.....inside a covered pen.
They climb and jump so you will need a top on what ever they are in to keep them in it. Others on here will chime in, but it has been said in the past you need to show them the food and water. Even just spreading some crumble on the bottom of the enclosure for them. Eating and drinking are priority one, shelter from predators is number two. Then I would make sure you won't be in trouble for helping them, yes some state/local laws can suck when it comes to helping an animal. Maybe find a wildlife rehabber who can help you with them.
Thank you - I have called game & fish - we don't have a rehabber anywhere close to us...
I have taken each little one and dipped their bill in the water - no one is drinking yet....I will try spreading out some of the crumbles.

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