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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Dodgersmomma, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Jun 26, 2011
    I "had" an incubator with 21 eggs in it but one day I was gone for the day and when I got home the temperature was 110 degress F. I candled all the eggs and only 2 of them made it [​IMG] I just found out that I am going to live with my aunt for 2 weeks and my sister and mother have work all day so they cant take care of them. My aunt lives an hour and a half from me so it is going to be a long ride. My aunt said I can bring them with me but I dont know how I can do that. Someone told me that I could get a cooler and some heat pads but I didnt know if that would work. Can someone PLEASE help me??? The eggs are 11 days old as of today and would end up hatching while I am there. That leads to my secont problem... How can I transport the chicks once they hatch? Please answer fast?
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    I would think a heating pad would work if they got a little cool they would just hatch a little late.
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    Okay nearest feed store. Ask if they have any boxs left from chick season. May have to buy them. If all else fails, just use a cardboard box. Go to the nearest gas sation ect. and get a foam cooler. About 30-40 mins before leaving heat as many towels as whoever you are staying with will allow you to borrow if they won't let you borrow the towels use bed sheets. Pop them in the dryer. 10-15 mins before leaving pack the towels in the cooler. Make a little "place" about the size of an egg carton. Close the lid of the cooler. Take the eggs, within 5-7 mins of leaving the house, and place them in an egg carton. Foam are best. Take the termometer from your incubator and place it on top of the eggs or in the egg carton. Fit the egg carton in the little "place" in the towel. If possible put one or two towels on top of the carton. Buckle the cooler in the middle back seat, or hold it. If needed place a heavy blanket over the cooler. About 30 minutes into the ride check the temp. If it's too low, place the cooler in a sunny spot in the car. When you get there unpack and *first* thing you do is plug in the incubator. And pop the eggs in. Candle 24-46 hours after you get them settled in the bator again.Hope I helped [​IMG] good luck [​IMG]
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    I have a car adapter that plugs in like a phone charger except that it has a regular plug on it- I hope that makes sense- I have used it on car trips to charge my lap top. If you got one of those you could plug your bator into the car while you travel and keep it running. I got mine at Frys, but they probably carry them at other electronics stores.

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