Emergency - please help - Hen having trouble breathing

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    Sep 28, 2013
    Yesterday I noticed my hen walking around slow and sluggish. I then realized her crop is full and there is a fowl smell coming out of her mouth.

    i gave her a little bit of olive oil to help her throw up, she did a little bit but not much came out.

    I put her in the coop for the day with little food and water.
    Gave her the same amount of food this morning
    Shes been popping greenish as well

    In the water I put a little apple cider vinegar to help loosen what is stuck in there. As well as giving her some Olive oil.

    Now that its the evening shes having a hard time breathing. I gave her a little bit of plan yogert mixed with olive oil. Ive also been massaging her.

    What can i do to help her shes having trouble breathing.
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    I have not treated sour crop or any crop problems, but I will give you a list of links to read until others assist you. There can be conflicting information and opinions, so I would read through them all and decide how to proceed, and sorry about your hen.
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    Sep 28, 2013
    ^thank you

    Bumping this thread.under her shes really swollen and red. It feels hard. So not only is her crop full but under her is swollen too. Any help please? Thanks in advance.

    She wants to walk around but i dont want her eating stuff to make her any fuller. Ive been giving her yogert and olive oil, seems like she doesnt want any today
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    Can you take her to a vet?


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