Emergency Possible nightshade poisoning in a duck

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Tammys kevin

7 Years
Jul 25, 2012
Posting for a friend, 2 of her ducks have died, one is very sick, they initially thought it might have been Lyme disease or botchulism, but she found a climbing plant with red berries next to the pen that looks like Brazilian nightshade, we have been unable to find any information on how it affects ducks or what treatment to use, is there anything we can do for the last duck? He is very lethargic, can't stand and has trouble holding his head up
soo sorry about her ducks! I know with chickens you can do a flush for no more than 8 hours to help them flush there system by using molasses mixed with water and the molasses is also supposed to help with the toxins. but she's so lethergic she likely won't readily drink. you can try giving the molasses flush with a dropper or syringe and seeing if you can get it into her body that way. this flush is a chicken flush but I don't see why it wouldn't work for the duck. you will have to get her to drink a substantial amount for the treatment to take effect. its one cup molasses to a gallon of water. if chickens eat something bad this flush is supposed to help. I got this information from my chicken health handbook. so you can try it. I really hope she feels better soon and hope this was helpful. remember makes sure she swallows enough to be effective against the toxin. good luck
Thank you so much for the information, unfortunately the poor thing didn't make it, but all of the plant and berries have been removed and my friend now knows what to do if this ever happens again

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