May 4, 2020
My 8 month old EE hasn’t started laying yet. I found her tonight laying in the run with her booty covered in poo. Her belly doesn’t feel big. She seems unwilling or unable to walk. She’s in a warm bath now. What should I do?
Get her bottom cleaned up with warm soapy water. With a clean finger (or with a disposable glove), insert it into her vent about 1-2 inches to feel for a stuck egg which may be causing her lameness. If you feel an egg, give her 1/2 a calcium tablet or Tums and some water. Place her in a warm room to relax after you dry her with a hair dryer.
Hopefully, it is something like egg binding which would be a temporary thing. At her age, Mareks disease could be a slim possibility as well. Do you know if she was vaccinated?

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