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Aug 2, 2009
Middle Tennessee
We have a young guinea (we think its a female) that is acting strange. She isn't keeping up with the group. She just sits in the yard. When she walks, she keeps her head low and her legs wobble. Just hours ago, when we let them out of the coop, they were all just fine..
.. At first, we thought she might have been hit by a car, but there isn't any physical evidence of an injury.
So now we're thinking that maybe shes going to lay. She's 16 weeks old and, according to farmingfriends.com, they can lay that early.
She shows all signs of an egg on the way
but she isn't well hidden at all.
. I haven't had a guinea lay yet, so .......any suggestions?
I'm not sure if that's her "problem" or not, but mine started laying around 16 weeks (if not earlier).

Maybe because she's just beginning to lay she just doesn't have it down yet to make a hidden nest. I discovered mine were laying because someone left an eggs in the middle of our lawn. My beginners have even been known to lay their eggs in the coup from their perches if I don't get around to letting them out early enough. (broken eggs on the floor)

Oh and when I found their first nest, talk about weird shaped beginner eggs. Some were twice the size of others and some were super tiny.

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