emu brooder set up system

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    first picture is of the giant pine box i use inside the house until the emus are around a month and a half old or untill they can peek there head up past the sides of the box, i point the light to one side so they have a dark cool place to escape the warmth. [​IMG]
    then when they are around a month and a half old they get moved to a barn stall that we have separated into 2 sides. the first takes up more than a quarter of the stall its nice and long and gives the babies plenty of space to run and play and get enough exercise.

    [​IMG] then we put them on the other side which is much larger and they can run more and jump and we still have the heat lamps close to the ground since where we live chicks are hatched and raised all threw wintertime and its COLD!! and real warmth will not reach us until middle or late may. [​IMG] Then we have the walk way of the barn which i then just open up there stall door in the morning and they have the WHOLE walk way to run all day long and still are able to return into the stall with there lamps which by then have been raised. [​IMG]
    and when they are older and begin really feather. we will open the sliding barn doors open and allow them to not only have the walkway and the stall but the pen that is outside attached to the barn. it is where our 2 female yearlings wintered and now there in the big pen so its empty but will be filled with young emus in the next couple months. [​IMG]
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    Great system!
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    Pretty neat. What do you do with Emus? Sell them?

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