Emu pooh?

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  1. luckyclucker

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    Jul 6, 2008
    the two emus I received about 2 weeks ago seem to have really runny pooh. I have ordered emu food, but for right now I am feeding them salmon/sweet potato dog food, 4-way sweet feed, and various seeds & flock raiser.

    The dog food costs a fortune-- $2/lb, so it isn't cheap and nasty stuff.

    Is it normal for them to have liquid-y pooh?
  2. yinepu

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    yup.. pretty watery with a little solids.. not at all like chickens...

    I wouldn't go with the dog food.. but that's me...
    How old are they?

    I've posted before about feeding and I know there are several threads on it.. but if they are young then you want to avoid excess protein and focus on calcium and greens with about 16% protein total making sure they get the needed vitamins to help build strong legs

    There is also a thread here with a download link for the Emu Farmer's Handbook.. I suggest if you don't already have a copy that you go to the thread and download it.. then read up as much as you can.. it's pretty much the bible for the emu people here

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