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Ok so im new to emus i purchased 2 in march and have done nothing but worry about them. every little thing makes me think something is wrong. my problem today is that one of my birds is acting really tired even when he stands up his eyes are shut and he sits back down and goes to sleep. they have been out all day running and playing at around 5 i noticed the smaller of the 2 shiver a little so i brought them straight in. is it normal for them to be so sleepy and stand with eyes shut?
Hi, Like to help but need more information:

1. How old are they?
2. What kind of feed and is it the same as they had previously with the other owners?
3. Have you tried some electolytes (vitamins sort of like a gatoraid) in their water? It is really good for stressed birds in new surroundings and especially if they travelled far.
4. What's the weather like where you are right now? When you brought them in where actually did you bring them in to?

Lets start there
they're about 2 months old and i have had them for a month and a half. i have them on a starter grower mixed with a laying mash and its the same as the previous owner. i havnt tried anything yet because i dont know what is wrong. the weather here is in the upper 70s and sunny. he seems a litter better this morning but he still wont eat his treats and is sitting around alot.
Here's what I would do and more questions:

Introduce a vitamin/mineral tonic. Here in BC I use Electrovite (you can google ingredients) as it is water soluble and can be used for chicken/turkeys, cattle and horses. Also make sure the water is fresh every day with the tonic in it. It won't hurt the other emu.
Are the stools normal and if so are your emus getting some food variety ie pieces of kale/apple/grapes?
Are they getting outside exercise and fresh air? Is there shade if too hot and panting?
Is the pen clear of small objects that might get ingested and cause an obstruction?
Are they co-habiting with other poultry?
Yes I have and the birds didn't survive unfortunately. It depends on what they swallowed. Keep in mind that studies have been done and the estimate is that an adult emu pecks many thousands of times a day.
Also keep in mind that it is somewhat of a challenge to raise emus for the first 6-8 months and after that it gets very much easier. A lot is out of your control and depends on genetics and the health of the breeding pair.

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