English house sparrows

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  1. Tayten B

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    Dec 18, 2014
    In my community pen I have a lot of EHOS that are in there eating there food i dont mind sharing and that is why I have bird feeders up I am going to be regularly shooting them but besides covering the top which other bird that get stuck in it what can i do to keep them out with out the eventually getting used to it and ignoring it.
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    If you get a feeder that the chickens have to step on to get into, they all leave. It's pretty amazing, but the day after the food supply is gone, they vanish!
    Sparrows can carry mites and lice, so shoot them whenever you see them, and I would pull out the bird feeders too, or just move them to the front of your house, away from the chicken food.
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    Oct 29, 2016
    Bolton, England
    This is a great idea. I love all wild birds but due to Avian Flu threat am battling with sparrows and my chickens feed. I think I will invest in a treadle feeder. Amazon here I come [​IMG]

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    Oct 29, 2016
    Bolton, England
    Oh it so alien to me to shoot birds. Even with the threat of avian flu I couldn't do it. Plus, I don't have a gun ha ha ha.
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    Ditto Dat^^^ especially the stop feeding the wild birds, period.

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