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  1. [​IMG] <I'm the little blue one. I couldnt help myself I know I should be smacked. lol.
    anyways yes I've heard all kinds of good things about runners and was just starting to look for some when I came across Iamcuriositycat's post looking to rehome her youngsters. so I'm getting two hand tame babies that will be 3.5 weeks old I think when I get them, and probably 2 hatchlings as well. [​IMG] [​IMG] I love babies. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:ugh, that's the 64 million dollar quote in my house....

    What's one more (bird, ducks, ect)?

    That's how I went from making the big leap of having 2 pet ducks after having no pets my whole life to 6 ducks, 4 budgies, and 3 cockatiels.... that of course we're planning the newest duck pen with "Room" just in case. haha

    We had to put a limit on which pet stores we're allowed to let ourselves into... lol
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    Quote:More is better. Not only do they love more space, it will also keep your grass intact. I'm currently working on a new enclosure which will be 1 acre for 13 ducks. There will be a smaller 10x20 enclosure with electric fence around it inside the large one for nightly round up. The electric fence will only be on when they are restrained in the small enclosure or at night in the duck house. We have lots of predators out here. The small area will have the feeding station and is connected to the duck house, which will also be 10x20 feet for them.
    Right now they sleep in the old duck house (2 years old LOL), which is 10x20 feet, but half of it is our storage area. It's getting crowded in the 10x10 space for them and the new one will have individual spleeping boxes to sleep in. Right now they share concrete mixing bins filled with wood shavings to sleep in. 2 per bin. The current 10x20 yard works well for feeding and round up, and they love our 1/4 acre backyard to walk around in. I love them in my backyard, since they eat all the weeds. It is just time for them to get their own large yard.
    The old duckhouse will become the kindergarten area for future babies.
    My ducks are just spoiled rotten and don't even know it.
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    Quote:I believe they say 10 sqft is MINIMUM...of course they would LOVE more, I think Storey's recommended 25 sqft per bird. I have 4 ducks and I (or DH) built them a 15x8. I have to say after putting the pool and the ramp and all in there I'm glad we gave them that much. We were originally thinking of making it smaller.
    I think what you have would be fine, but if you are able to spare a ft or 2 more you wouldn't regret it later! Duckies are messy! [​IMG]
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    well if you only have 3 birds in a 64 sq. ft. they would be a little more than 21 sq.ft. per duck! I think they would be very happy in an 8 x 8 pen!
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    Quote:I tell you 10x10 is perfect duck house size for 2-5 ducks for sleeping inside at night. I like them to be able to walk around inside of the duck house. That gives them space to move from their bedding area to the food and water area. 8x8 is too small for an outdoors space for 3 ducks if you plan on keeping grass below them. Just a medium kiddie pool is 6 feet in diameter! As a secure lockup area it is fine, but not for daily activity. I know you can keep them on small spaces, but is it fair to the ducks? What about hygiene and smell? The more space the less of an issue. My small secure outdoor area is 10x20 and that would be ok for 5 ducks. That is only as a secure area for lockup. Otherwise I currenlty give 1/4 acre for 5 ducks to roam. I'm now working a 1 acre area for 13 ducks. The water sprinklers will wash the poo into the soil and keep the grass nice and healthy. I also have the meadow with about 20 acres to roam on. They will get that once they are full grown for daytime fun only. We currently walk them into the meadow for walks with our 4 dogs and they love it.
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    The 8x8 area with the pool is only for the ducks. I have silkies and somehow they keep falling in waterers that are great for ducks but not for the dumb ones lolol. So the pool area is just so the ducks have somewhere to splash around in in the morning and night and if its really hot otherwise they like to lay in the 8 water dishes around the yard for the 3 ducks and 4 chickens. Lol. I think they will be fine. Going from no pool to a pond and there own cage will be enough for my girls [​IMG]

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