Enough room?


8 Years
Mar 8, 2014
Nashville, TN
Would a 10x10 predator proof dog run with a duck house on the inside be enough room for one Pekin and one Khaki Campbell/Runner? They would be locked in the actual house at night, and let out into the run during the day, probably 365 days/year. Of course I would let them into the acre lot I'm on if I'm outside, is this enough room for them? Would they get restless in 100sqft?
My 4 Welsh Harlequin have the same set up. They seem pretty happy. They are always together anyway. It's four ducks sharing 3 square feet of space all the time.
They are 6 weeks old, so I assume as they mature they will spread out a little more.

I have an under the bed rubbermaid bin for them to splash around in. I would like to get a kiddy pool but I'm afraid it will take up too much room.
That's what I was worried about to. I though maybe about digging a hole into the ground to put the kitty pool in so it was still a flat space and I could put rocks around it.... I'm scared about the rain, really bad storms here. And predators. We have vultures, hawks, BIG snakes, owls, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, one bobcat and lots and lots of BIG dogs and everyone lets their cats roam. There is an open field and forest behind my house so all of the animals bed up in my yard eventually...
I have two ducks right now and they have access to my whole backyard. They CHOOSE to stay within there 8x5 area. If they wanted more room they can get into my yard but never choose to... also we are renovating their coop so we bring them inside our house every morning and when we let them out on our sunroom they waddle/sprint through the yard back over to their area. The point of my long story is I think they will be fine LOL

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