Entertainment for new chicks?


11 Years
Apr 22, 2008
Mat-su Alaska
What sort of fun things do you guys do for new chicks? Can they have little bits of cooked rice? What kind of toys? Stuff to keep their minds busy......

I had some toilet paper in my hand and they were having a ball with it...it got me to thinking, what can they play with? LOL!
Good question!
I have tried a couple of things, including some rocks to climb/roost on, a small piece of pvc for an actual roost and a couple of trays w/ peat moss for dust baths.

The dust baths were completely demolished and emptied about 30 minutes after placing them in the brooder!!

Will have to break out the video equipment next time!!
Umm I guess I should have said things they can do IN the house......ROFL! Crickets wont be coming in my house.....Hehe.....(grin)......

I live in Alaska, so my brooder is in my spare bathroom....
When we had an aquarium brooder my daughter would drag her finger down the side and the chicks would chase it.

I dont know if chicks would do this but my ducklings chase the light from a flashlight,you could also use a laser pointer..
Wood shavings?

Mine would dust bathe for hours and make a horrendous mess, but they sure had fun
You can also run your finger around on the floor of the brooder and they will chase it. My first chick was raised by himself and he had fun chasing first my finger or anything shiny when he was little, and then chasing me when he was older. They love shiny things.
I was thinking about something like a shiny ring on the end of floss or something to hang it on......something like that would be hours of fun for
these little guys. I can only run my old fingers around so much....but its fun to watch them chase them!
My brooder was a 30 gal. aquarium too. I use to tap on the glass and they will follow where it's coming from like a momma saying ..." I found some food come and get it". Provide a roost so that they can climb up and down. They will take a nap
on it too when they get tired playing, eating and drinking.
Try the crickets.
The chicks probably wont touch them for the first few minutes, then one of them will get brave enough to try it.
Once that happens, all the others will go nuts, and it's Game On !

Trust me,... The crickets will never make it out of the brooder.
They'll be gone in less time than it takes you to get your camera out.
Mealworms, and cooked Spagetti Noodles will also be cause for the little buggers to go nuts too.

Ever seen a bunch of 4th or 5th grade childen at a birthday party, when a Pinata is finally busted open ???
20 seconds, and not one piece of candy remains on the ground.

Same thing happens with the chicks, when crickets hit the floor.

as I mentioned in a previous thread,...
They're like little fuzzy Pirannas ! LOL !

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