Epileptic Bantam Rooster

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  1. AmeraucanaGal

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    Apr 9, 2011
    So I have a bantam rooster that has lived up to his name Lucky, and has been living a good happy life...until this fall. He has these epileptic spells that are pretty bad, but as soon as he comes out of them he is fine and on with his normal life. The only thing we really changed since this started is we have gotten peafowl who have to have the higher protein feed and the grower/finisher mixed in for the youngest of our chickens from spring.

    Is there some underlying issue that could explain this or maybe at least some extra nutrient, vitamin or supplement that i can give him to calm things down? I am worried one of these days during one of his spells that he'll fall and injure himself. I adore this little brat and would hate for it to come to that.

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