Epileptic Chicken???


Dec 27, 2015
Queensland. Australia
I am a Silkie owner in Australia - new to BYC. Great Website by the way!

I incubated and hatched some Silkie eggs from another breeder and I have a tale of woe... One of the six original chicks (a splash) took a turn for the worse at about two weeks old. She appeared to develop wry neck. I was advised to give her Anitone (a Vitamin E and Selenium supplement) in her water to correct a possible vitamin deficiency. After three weeks she was not much better and I approached BYC for some possible assistance.

Through the website I came across an article by a lady who had a wry neck chicken. She made a neck brace out of some soft bubble wrap and that appeared to right the problem. I did this for my chick and it has certainly corrected the wry neck. However, there is another problem that it did not fix. When the chicken gets startled she tucks her head under her body, travels backwards at 90 miles an hour around her enlosure then somersaults back to her feet. It is like she is having an epilectic fit. Can chickens get epilepsy and can it be cured? Or is it better to put her out of her misery?

Would appreciate any help and advice.

Yorkshire Coop

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Aug 16, 2014
The tucking her head and going backwards is part of the wry neck condition I'm afraid. Although the brace has fixed the neck problem as such the internal problems of wry neck are still there. Either the vitamin deficiency or a head injury. If she is eating and drinking ok I would give her more time and keep her on the vit E and selenium. Treating wry neck can be a very long process and could possibly take weeks or months to clear up. Keeping in her in a smaller area can help.

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