Eprinex wormer/debugger-Warning & Hints when using


Sep 14, 2008
Lincoln, CA
I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but if not, maybe someone can move the post where it belongs.

I love Eprinex since I know for sure who's been treated & who hasn't. However, I learned a few hard lessons the first time I used it.
#1 Eprinex is expensive so I poured some into an old washed-out prescription bottle to draw from. I used a syringe sans needle to draw out & squirt on the neck. The first thing that happened was that the Eprinex ate away the numbers on the outside of the syringe. I went through several syringes this way.
#2 There was still some Eprinex in the script bottle when I quit for the day so I left it for doing another batch the next day. Whoops! The Eprinex ate through the bottom of the script bottle & I had orange colored Eprinex floating around in my container. The orange plastic had mixed with the Eprinex. That is powerful stuff!
As a solution, I am now using a small plastic cap to draw the Eprinex from, & I try very hard not to get any on the body of the syringe. I find it easier to measure the right amt. when I use Diabetic syringes but the needles are too tiny so I use pliers & pull them out first. Still, after doing several chickens, the Eprinex seems to do something to the rubber tip that makes it very hard to squirt out so I have to switch to a new syringe. Next time I dose, I'm going to try having a soapy solution & rinsing the syringe every few doses. Or maybe some WD-40? Anyone have a similar experience that has solved the problems?


Chick Magnet
11 Years
Mar 3, 2008
I've not used it like that, but it seems to me you can buy small glass dropper-bottles with glass tubing that would keep it from eating away anything. Just be sure not to suck it up into the bulb. You only use a few drops on the back of the neck, right?


12 Years
Mar 6, 2007
Been there,done that. I use a glass eye dropper that I buy from the drug store. I mark the correct dose with tape and don't draw it into the rubber.

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