Eric is Abandoning Uno Chick


8 Years
Nov 9, 2013
We have wondered at how long the male parents a clutch. I don’t know the answer, but I have some data.

A couple of years ago, Eric brought chicks Alpha and Omega here for the Spring abundance. Some months later, Eric left – and Alpha turned up alone. He was just under a year old. I thought of him as ‘orphaned.’

Perhaps not any more . . .

Something really interesting is happening. (Red wine and loud moosik today – seven years in the farmhouse!) Recall that Eric is here this year with a clutch of one, ‘Uno Chick.’

About six weeks ago, ‘Darkwild’ female turned up. Squabbled with all and sundry. Beat up Number One (female).

Now Eric and Darkwild are clearly becoming an item. Eric has stopped protecting Uno Chick from Darkwild’s aggression.

So, Uno Chick continues to generally follow Eric about; and Eric generally continues to parent Uno: but:

I betcha within weeks Uno ‘goes independent.’

(or Uno will just hit the high road all by his/herself, and we'll never know. It's the way.
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