Erratic humidity in the incubator

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    Hi All,

    I am using an incubator for the first time. According to the guidelines from the manufacturer, I have to maintain a humidity of 60 and increase it on day 18 to 65. I am battling to keep the humidity at 60. It goes down to 40 and up to 66. Most of the time it is above 60. How do I control this. Is the high temperature going to affect the outcome at the end? Please help.
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    Hi :welcome

    60% humidity is going to be too much for the first part of incubation. The eggs will not lose enough moisture at that kind of humidity. I like 35% for the first 7 days, I then candle and check air cell growth and adjust the humidity if I need to. Then I bump it up to at least 65% at lock down. Humidity is a differing factor for everyone due to their homes or environment. What works for me may not work for you. Please do check out this ~
    It has a great section on humidity which is not a set number for everyone.

    Good luck and enjoy the article!
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    I'm rather new to incubation and I went nuts trying to regulate my rh in my bator and I started with turkeys 28 days!!!!!!! The first two weeks I added and removed sponges trying to get it perfect then I talked to a older gentleman who said I was going to kill myself if I didn't stop he told me is more about average rather be than exact rh if it's high for a day let it go low a day so I started adding water every 3 days would have a day high day low and a day just right. But for last 3 I take it up to 70% . I do look at air cell and may add water or remove it to get air cell to proper size 3 or 4 days before lockdown. Most important rh is at lock down. Welcome and good luck.
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    Also a lot of people don't listen to directions that come with bators and I didn't either I went with "dry method " highs in 40% lows in the high teens.

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