Estimating humidity levels in a Hovabator?


10 Years
Jan 31, 2009
Finger Lakes Region, NY
I just put 9 wee button quail eggs in my Hovabator Genesis incubator (with fan). From literature I've read I understand that quail need fairly high levels of humidity.

I don't have a gauge but wondered if anyone has determined humidity levels by the number of channels that they have filled with water.

My chicken eggs did well with the center channel only filled and then the second channel filled close to hatch date.

I filled the second channel for the quail right away. I know it's not ideal.
It'll be awhile before our big storm abates enough for me to get out to the store... 30 miles one way. Do you fill the channels in the incubator to achieve humidity levels appropriate for quail?
Thank you. I hope for success for my wee little eggs. I've been fortunate with chicken eggs in this incubator so this should be exciting.

I do have to turn them by hand, which won't be a hardship, considering they hatch so quickly (16 days or so).

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