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  1. What is the best method to put a chicken out of its misery painlessly and without distress. One of my chickens was injured by a pine martin that grabbed her through a wire fence with apertures of 2" X 3" pulling off a wing and part of a leg and I wanted to put it down quickly. I could not do it my self so I took her to a neighbour to break her neck this took more time and distress. Has anyone got any suggestions for some one who wants wants to euthanasia a chicken quickly and is frightened to pull and break the neck in case it causes more pain and distress if you do not it properly. My first thought was to cut off her head with a pair of secateurs as it would be quick if not messy, excuse the pun but I chickened out.
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    Not the most pleasant topic but I keep a very sharp cutthroat razor and if I have to kill a chicken I cut their throat. There are other methods and if you search the forums you can find some articles on the subject.
    2" x 3" holes in a fence are not small enough to keep many predators out. You could look for Weldmesh Fencing with 0.5" x 0.5" squares. This is much better than just about anything else.
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    I'm a wimp. I would just take them to the vet. I would get the ashes too..
  5. Thank You, I know it was a bit late but I have already put a finer mesh 10mm X 10mm around the bottom of the run.
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    We decapitate using the hatchet and stump method. (And by “we” I mean DH does it.)
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    I'm sorry for your loss :hugs

    You will find there are many ways to put a chicken down. Each of us have to find what works for us, the goal is to quickly put them out of their misery.

    Your thoughts of using secateurs (pruning shears) is used by many. I think a lot depends on the size of the chicken. You would want to make sure your implement is sharp and you can do this in one go.

    For me, I use the "broomstick" method. There was a thread a while back that discussed different methods of euthanizing a chicken. Video of the method I use is in Post#6 - you will have to I believe sign into Youtube in order to view it though, since it's considered "graphic". The elderly lady does a remarkable job, quick and efficient.
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