Euthanized my first chicken today. :(


Jan 25, 2018
Using neck dislocation method, it was quick and I held her close.

Finally found out today I am dealing with a chicken in isolation suffering from infectious laryngotracheitis virus. She is not improviving AFTER WEEKS OF TREATMENT. I bought her sick as she coughed all the way home, the breeder informed me she has lost most of her large flock. I could not see any point in prolonging her treatment as she will always be a serious infectious risk. I put her in three bags and in the fridge for an autopsy Monday :(

I have an old chicken I had close by her for company, not same space but close, I think I may have to dispatch her too. Tricky times, difficult action to take.
Making that decision sucks dogsballs! I think it will always suck no matter the situation. My heart goes to those who have had to do the same, I feel your sadness.

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