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6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
Dallas, tx
So we have a full grown Indian Runner and two (muscovy?) ducklings.

We currently have the runner separate from the ducklings. Once our coop is complete, and the ducklings are ready to join the Runner.... what is the likelihood of the Runner getting grouchy and hurting the ducklings?

We are nervous to combine them.
i wouldn't say he'd hurt them, as long as they're a few weeks old. They will definitly squabble until they establish dominance...i think it would be more likely that they gang up on the runner to be honest..lol I have introduced flocks together man times..and it really just depends on the personalities. I have one flock with Sheldon my drake and he accepts everyone and is protective..and then i have another flock with a drake that is a Buffy..and he just won't have it. he will tolerate them..but at a distance..they get too close to what he thinks is his territory and he chases them and yells at them..lol (he thinks he is big stuff, he has 2 hens in his flock lol) So when i introduce the babies i am rasing now I'll introduce them to sheldon's flock first so they have back up if they need it..but just watch for a bit when you put them together..maybe put them in cages next to each other for a bit so they get used to each other before they are actually in the same pen.

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