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    Well... I had a class I teach and was gone till late Friday night.. Got home, checked the thermometers because my two incubators were to go into lockdown Saturday evening. I got up early Saturday and checked the bators quickly, showered and left out... I arrived back home around 2pm ready to pull my turner out of my 1602n and fill the water.. I pulled the top, and low and behold I had 2 zipping, and about 15 pips.. With assistance, I removed all the eggs, took out the turner, and put them back in the bator after adding water. I have 2 already hatched as of right now, and several zipping.. 2:00 pm was the end of day 18 BTW. And remember in my older posts, I had 6 hours of no power one day, and a few another day through this hatch..

    But got fuzzy's lol.. I was just expecting them late Sunday, Monday.. lol.

    I was gonna get the brooder ready tomorrow afternoon, guess I will be working on it in the morning!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Glad to hear the good outcome of the hatch!
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    Why were they hatching out on day 18?

    Congratulations .... happy for you that they are hatching. Hope the rest do well for ya!
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    They are hatching early for one main reason that I can come up with... I used that piece of junk thermometer that I have said over and over again not to use.. Well I didn't listen to myself, and used it. More than likely I ran a little warm through-out the incubation. My other bator that was to go into lockdown at the same time is normal. Movement in the eggs, but no pips yet. My problem was that I have 3 incubators running so I spread my thermometers out amongst the three bators. I will be investing in some better thermometers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A few of the chicks that are out have issues, and one has not absorbed the yoke sac properly, still has a black eye pea size sac, but we are working on it. Two others have the straight leg laying on back thing. I'm giving them drops of sugar water and poly-vi-sol. One has come around, but the second is still looking kinda sad.

    Here is said Piece of Junk Thermometer... I generally have it sitting on top of the eggs.

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    I sure hope everything goes well for your little chickies.

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