ever a reason to put a chicken down??


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8 Years
Apr 20, 2011
I know it's hard to diagnose from afar, but do you think there is ever a reason to put a chicken down? Our dear Ella that has been sick since we got her 6 weeks ago (one of 2 light Brahmans) stopped eating this week and now has to be lifted up into the coop and out, she wont eat or drink or use the ramp to come and go. She makes long sounds and seems to be nearly falling asleep all the time while still standing. She's not very stable on her feet and cant even get herself up to the roost anymore. It's really sad - and we just dont want her to be in pain. Any suggestions? (she had mites and a fly infestation on her bottom that we washed and cared for with anti-flea and tic powder and a trimming of her back end feathers)
I would try to bring her inside and baby her with fluids and good foods before i put her down...
Make sure there are no more mites and bugs on her too...
And then if she still didnt perk up...yep... i would put her down.

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