Ever fall out of a moving vehicle... I did last night!

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    Apr 9, 2009
    New Tripoli PA
    I didn't say we were moving very quickly, but it still hurts! Here's the scoop... When we feed hay to our 20ish horses, we put a big 8ft square bale in the bed of our Toro workman... I stand beside the bale in the bed, and flip out the flakes for the horses, Hubby drives (first mistake). So, we finish up with the boys, and go into the girls pasture. I'm flipping out flakes ignoring DH singing and being a goofball (2nd mistake). He tends to speed up and turn faster when he gets into these singing goofy spells. All of a sudden, he whips into a turn and I go flying backwards out of the workman [​IMG] I had enough time to think to myself "this is gonna "stinkin" hurt!", then B A M, tail bone hits first, then the back of my head ever so gracefully connected with the ground [​IMG] I had my eyes open, so when my head hit, everything went black except for the bright stars that appeared in front of my eyeballs [​IMG] I thought for sure my head was cracked open, but lucky for me, I do have a hard head [​IMG] and wound up with a severe headache. Best part, Hubby didn't even realize I had fallen out at first! [​IMG] He had to back the workman up to me [​IMG] I got up with his help, and realized I twisted my knee while falling out of the bed, which brought tears to my eyes when I first tried to walk on it. Today I have a serious case of whiplash, and I look like I need a walker to get around, but other than that [​IMG] So, DH is still apologizing today [​IMG] And has never done so much for me in one night as he did last night... It was nice for at least one night!!

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    I'm glad you are ok and that he didn't back over you. Next time you drive, and let him stand in the back!!!! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] YOur lucky that your okay! One of my co-workers (and i also used to baby sit her when she was a child..) died by falling out of the bed of a truck. Her husband took off too fast while she was trying to stand up and she fell out..she hit her head and never woke up again. She was brain dead..and they had to pull the plug on her life support. She left 2 young children. One a newborn. Be VERY careful in the back of trucks! [​IMG]
    Glad your okay! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I have to admit that when i was younger (early 20's) i jumped out of a truck. (not the bed..from the inside..) My EX and i had a fight..i told him to stop and let me out.. he didnt.. So...i opened the door and got out... [​IMG] *yet ANOTHER one of my stupid moves in life..* [​IMG]
    Yeah..that hurt... [​IMG] Wont do THAT one again.. [​IMG] (thankfully we wernt going that fast though..)
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    Yeah... I wouldn't voluntarily jump or fall out of a moving vehicle or the workman for that matter! Good thing is that he finally decided I really need a good railing to hold onto when we feed [​IMG]
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    Over 400 times...Do airplanes count?
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    Quote:Seriously, keep an eye on that headache. If it persists, get it checked out.... Unattended concussions, can kill you.
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    Quote:That made me giggle.
    I'm jealous, I have always wanted to jump out of a plane (for fun, not because we're crashing or something) lol

    19hhbelgian, maybe you need a parachute when hubby's driving......you never know

    I'm glad you're ok, so far, keep an eye on that headache. If nothing else, your horses need you (and we would miss you)
    Take care, better yet, let hubby take care of you. You know, headaches caused by hubby's throwing you out of trucks can last months even. (Milk it for all it's worth!!!)

  8. My friend was helping her DH move a set of concrete steps from the back of their new home to build new ones, and she told him before he ever took off, that since she was on top of them NOT to go fast. I can't remember why she was on the steps, but there was something she was helping with and she had to stand up there to do it. Anyway, he was in a goofy mood and jerked taking off; threw her off of those steps and I still laugh when I think about it, because she is the most Christian lady you would ever meet. I love to listen to her philosophy on life and God and the whole works, but that is one day she lost her religion and let lose on that guy. She has several back issues, and was crippled for weeks over it and had to go to the Chiro for it. I have a feeling he won't be jerking away with a tractor and chain again. She still gets mad about it when she thinks of it.

    But, on a serious note. Watch your headaches! That sounds like you really cracked your noggin, and you might want to go to the doctor just to see if you might have a concussion. . .glad you are ok. I know your DH didn't mean to do it, but doesn't it just get your goat when THEY act goofy and WE end up getting something smashed or cracked because of it!!!
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    Call me sick,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but i'da paid money to see that! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:Something really wrong with people that jump out of a perfectly good airplane!!!!!LOL!!

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