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LOL where to start.
My mom and dad got chickens about 5 years ago. 12 to be exact. Started slow and soon were getting about 4 to 6 doz. a week. I laughed at them. Dad got tired of all the eggs so he sold off all but 5, Then 4 were killed by dogs getting into coop. Well down to one hen.
Dad passed away in March. Guess who is taking care of the chicken. Sigh. Well was fixing up the pen three days ago. Had hen in the coop. Next thing I knew three young chickens come sailing through open pen door followed closely by two big dogs. Dogs lost they war. Enough on that story. Now I have 4 chickens. No one looking, Cant find owner, Who knows where they came from.
Moral He who laughs last laughs best.
Me, Psych. Nurse. Between the age of 20 and 60. I get confused sometimes on numbers.
Well thats it for now
Was there a rooster with them within a month of being killed by the dogs? The rooster's sperm will last 3 weeks to a month in the hen so she will lay fertile eggs for up to a month.

While caring for the remaining hen, was she still laying eggs? Was she sitting in the nesting box a lot? If so she may have hatched them herself.

Enjoy the babies, they grow up fast.

What goes around and comes around... Interesting story. Would love to know what happened to the dogs

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