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Senora Pollo Loco
13 Years
Sep 4, 2009
I call her Broody Patootie!

The dumb thing will go broody at the drop of a hat! She apparently doesn't realize it is the beginning of January and we live in Minnesota. Of course, that could be because we are having late March weather. Today we broke the record by 3 degress. It used to be 48 was the record high, today was 51!
You don't hear me complaining
Not that breed.
But, I have two right now. One hatched her eggs 12/28/11 and the other is in the process as of last night. She might be through buy now, but she would try to eat me alive if I would try to check.
The weather here in MS has been crazy. One minute you can wear shorts in Dec. and the next it is either raining for two days or freezing cold.
They have been some exelent mammas so far. "knock on wood"
I have 2 trying to go broody right now too. Let her hatch some. She will stop going broody so often. If she is that good at hatching them. I would give her a nest full. My two that are trying to go broody, have never been broody before. If they stay on the nest a few days, I will give them a few eggs.
We have been having some really cold temps in Ky too, but this morning it is 40.. Very odd for January.
I have one black silkie who I thought was sitting on eggs.She has been broody and goes broody at the drop of a hat.

Picked her up to see eggs.......yuck! She was sitting on round chicken poo.

dumb bird. she is still in the corner of her coop...sitting on nuttin.
I had a silkie hen that kept sitting on Hickory nuts. Their runner is under some Hickory trees. Somehow a couple nuts ends up in her nest. She would sit on those nuts. She is a nut. I would get them out of the nest. Later in the day, they would be back in that nest. I kept asking her, if she way laying Hickory nuts.. It was quite amusing.. I don't know how she got those nuts in that nest box.
I think they pick up eggs and such using their wings and carry them to the nest.
That is hilarious though, trying to hatch some hickory nuts! I wonder how long she would sit before giving it up?

egg-cellent - 40 ain't cold, deary. Here 40 is shorts weather. We had it down to 2 degrees here for a couple of nights in Dec. Our usual right now is closer to that but it has been warm (40s' and yesterday 51!), but it is supposed to cool down next weekend.

You Southerners need to come on up in February and see what real hardy chickens go through
Minnie, 40 isn't cold but a few days ago it was 14 degrees with gusts up to 50 mph. It is the wild swings that are killing everyone. Today it is nearing 60!

I wish some of mine were broody, they sure aren't laying much. But for the older girls it is their 3rd winter so I guess I don't mind them taking a longer break.
We have a partridge Silkie, Nutmeg, who is a broody little biddy. She sat for probably 2 months before she decided she was done. For a while she sat on wooden eggs that I used to show everyone where to do their thing. After I pulled those out she sat on nothing for weeks. We kept one rooster and I know we'll have a good mama when we want to hatch some eggs this spring. Our other Silkie, Beanie, she's black - hasn't been broody a bit. She's been a really good layer for us. She's in the box most mornings.

Aren't they fun!?

You can see a pic of Nutmeg setting on our blog - see link in my signature line.

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